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Hybrid Challenge For Engaged Learning

Resources & Research for Hybrid Learning

This section contains a variety of Hybrid Learning research and resources for further reading.  Engaging research on hybrid learning helps us examine pedagogical innovations to improve instructional practice as well as investigate student learning outcomes.

*Links to primary sources have been provided whenever possible.

Organizations and Conferences

There are many organization and conferences that are dedicated to online, hybrid, or technology-enhanced education. In this section, you will find a list of organizations and conferences known for their focus on technology-enhanced education.  The list includes local UVa resources, as well as state-wide, national, and international organizations and conferences.


Many journals are now publishing works related to technology-enhanced education. In this list of journals, you can find articles related to blended learning and instruction. If you are examining the literature or looking for publication outlets for your research this may be a valuable resource for you.

Websites for online journals are provided, when available. Publisher websites are provided for journals which are available through subscription only. However, if you have access to a university library, it is possible that the journal is freely accessible through your library website.

Faculty Learning Community Selected Readings

Each year, faculty from across disciplines participating in the Hybrid Challenge are invited to participate in faculty reading group discussions. These discussions are held approximately four times a semester where faculty share their insights on the texts with the group.

This list of selected resources is sorted by the academic year they were discussed.