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Excellence in Diversity Fellowship Program

Program Evaluation

The Steering Committee will evaluate the Program in order to improve pilot activities and, eventually, to learn how this Program influences faculty members’ future professional success and tenured retention at U.Va. Evaluation data will be shared with other major research universities and will include such information as the following:

  • After workshops, Fellows respond to open-ended questions, noting what was effective and recommending changes to better meet the Program objectives.
  • Presenters in workshops and seminars are asked for suggestions for future Programs.
  • At mid-year, Fellows and Consultants complete a brief questionnaire asking them about the number and quality of their encounters, as well as about the usefulness of workshops attended and their recommendations for improvements.
  • At the end of each academic year, both Fellows and Consultants summarize their experiences, highlighting Program initiatives and discussion topics that proved especially beneficial and noting activities that could be improved

In the third year of the Program, an outside evaluation committee composed of faculty experienced with faculty retention and diversity will be invited to study the Program and recommend improvements.