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Excellence in Diversity Fellowship Program

Program Activities

EDF 2004 Pensri & PeterIndividual work with Consultants
Fellows and Consultants will work together throughout the year on navigating individual Fellows’ teaching and research challenges as well as on broadening their University connections. Each Fellow will be matched with one or two senior colleagues, typically from outside his/her department who will act as a Teaching Coach, Research Counsel, and/or University Confidant. Fellows and Consultants will be free to re-match themselves if they should not feel compatible in the original configuration. For details about Consultants, see below.


Early in the academic year, Fellows will benefit from these activities at a retreat:

  • Meet each other, share academic goals and interests, and develop a peer-level support network
  • Articulate key challenges, concerns, and opportunities that will form the basis for the year’s activities
  • Refine research and teaching agendas
  • Discuss readings relevant to academic success and define career- development strategies that will work in their personal circumstances

Workshops and Seminars
The monthly workshops, panel discussions, and meetings respond directly to the concerns and challenges the Fellows identified at the retreat. In discussion with invited speakers, panelists, and senior administrators, the Fellows explore strategies for…

  • Building support networks across the University
  • Prioritizing and managing various demands in an academic setting
  • Nurturing constructive professional relationships nationally and internationally for broad professional recognition
  • Blending University service with career progression
  • Broadening their University-wide connections
  • Developing a high level of comfort in the classroom, including discussions of teaching about diversity, and/or teaching to diverse student groups
  • Balancing work and personal life
  • And considering other strategies proven successful for junior faculty, especially for those from diverse backgrounds

When appropriate, Consultants, deans, associate deans, and/or departmental chairs will be invited to participate, enabling Fellows and senior colleagues to learn more directly about each others’ perspectives and concerns.

Grants for professional development
The Program will provide up to $1,000 in funds for a professional development opportunity for each Fellow, including but not limited to travel to professional conferences or pertinent workshops, curriculum development projects, project support.