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Excellence in Diversity Fellowship Program

Benefits to Fellows

Building personal networks

Fellows develop a cross-disciplinary network of colleagues with whom they explore strategies to successfully navigate their first year as faculty members.

Connecting with senior Consultants
EDF 2004 Christian and MichaelThrough thoughtfully designed partnerships, Fellows gain direct, early insight into how to succeed in the academic world from senior faculty acting as Teaching Coaches, Research Counsels, and University Confidants.

Considering diversity
Through a series of meetings, Fellows consider diversity in teaching and research, including challenges and rewards to pursuing non-traditional and interdisciplinary research, working effectively with diverse students, and issues concerning faculty from underrepresented groups.

Adopting best practices
In professional development workshops and interactions with senior administrators, Fellows learn about successful strategies for balancing life and work, negotiating with senior colleagues, and preparing for tenure.

Launching early successes
Fellows may each apply for up to $1,000 funding for at least one professional development opportunity: for example, travel to professional conferences, seminars, or workshops; research equipment purchase; curriculum development projects; student assistant support.