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Excellence in Diversity Fellowship Program

Consultant Information

Each Fellow will be matched with one or more senior colleagues who will serves as the Teaching Coach, Research Counsel, and/or University Confidant, depending on their experiences and interests:

  • EDF 2004 small group 2Research Counsels help Fellows develop promising and coherent research agendas and a strong professional standing in their field. We will match Research Counsels to Fellows based on parallels between their research interests and types of research experience and plans. Research Counsels are thus more likely than other Consultants to be matched with Fellows from their own disciplines.
  • Teaching Coaches help Fellows develop their teaching skills and manage their courses efficiently and productively. The best Teaching Coaches are thoughtful about how and why they teach as they do, regularly analyze their teaching, undertake teaching innovations, and like to share ideas about teaching. We expect that Teaching Coaches and Fellows will visit each others’ classes and compare notes on teaching approaches and philosophies. Normally Teaching Coaches work with Fellows outside their own departments.
  • University Confidants help Fellows get to know and feel comfortable within the University, outside their own departments. The best University Confidants have had experiences through which they learned how their School (or the College) and/or the entire University operates. They are willing to share insights gained from those experiences and to help Fellows understand and feel connected to the University beyond their departments. Normally University Confidants work with Fellows outside their own departments.

Senior U.Va. faculty members interested in serving as a Teaching Coach, Research Counsel, and/or University Confidant may apply by using the Information Form for Consultants.