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April 27, 2017—Dorothe Bach Wins All-University Teaching Award

Dorothe Bach, Associate Director of the CTE, was recently awarded an All-University Teaching Award. Comments supporting her nomination and shared during the awards banquet follow:

“Michael Palmer, Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence, was quoted as saying, “Professor Dorothe Bach engages her students in deep, meaningful learning, and freely shares her teaching knowledge and practices with her colleagues.”  Students have raved by saying, “This was the most worthwhile course I have taken in all four years while at UVA.” Her devotion to the work is shown by her taking time to send her students pre-course letters of welcome and has them complete questionnaires about their interests, hopes, and fears. She possesses a calm confidence as she mentors her students.  Not only is she open-minded, skillful, and modest, she is genuinely caring.  Her perspective has helped connect the “disparate dots,” said a 5th year engineering student.  She is a teacher of teachers at the CTE as well as students and an exemplary asset to the faculty at UVA.”

Dorothe Bach