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In-class Observation

Would you like a fresh  perspective on your teaching as it unfolds in the classroom? An in-class observation offers you valuable information and a space to reflect on your work as a teacher. Prior to the observation, you can tell the consultant what aspect of your course and teaching you would like to receive feedback on and we will tailor the observation accordingly.

Once you’ve requested an observation, here is what you can expect:

  1. We will contact you to arrange the date and time of the observation and the follow-up conversation.
  2. Prior to the observation, the consultant will invite you to share any questions you have about the specific class being observed or teaching in general. This will help the observer know what to focus on.
  3. At the time of the observation, the consultant will arrive early, find an unobtrusive place to sit, and spend the class time taking notes.
  4. During the follow-up 60-min meeting, the consultant will provide you with information on what was observed; discuss effective, evidence-based teaching and learning strategies, as relevant; and offer suggestions or additional resources.