The Center for Teaching Excellence offers a variety of confidential consultations about teaching. These allow you to reflect on your work in the classroom with the support of a trained teaching consultant. If you would like…

  • to find out your students’ perceptions on how the course is affecting their learning, try an Engaging Students’ Perspectives (ESP) survey.
  • feedback from an outside, nonjudgmental observer on some aspect of the course or your teaching strategies, try an in-class observation.
  • to discuss a teaching issue, such as designing courses and assignments, difficult classroom situations, teaching with technology, engaging learners, and making sense of end-of-semester evaluations, try a one-on-one consultation.

Here is a short video describing these services.

Our team of consultants consists of faculty members, graduate students and undergraduate students. All consultants take a coaching approach to consultation, allowing you to drive the conversation according to your specific goals and aspirations. We are particularly excited to offer the services of our Undergraduate Student Teaching Consultants, who are uniquely positioned to help you better understand what motivates and excites your students.

All CTE consultations are formative in nature and completely voluntary and confidential. They can only be requested by instructors themselves for the purpose of developing their teaching skills. We do not evaluate teaching and we do not share any information with third parties.