Coaching: Sample Powerful Questions

Listen to CLARIFY

What would you like to get out of this conversation? (State your issue as a question you are trying to answer for yourself now.)

–What is a good image or metaphor to describe this issue/situation?
–How does it feel?
–What do you think is really going on?
–What is working well? What is not?
–What assumptions are at the heart of your thinking?
–Who do you want to be (what kind of person) as you approach this situation?
–Which of your values are you honoring in this situation? Not honoring?
–What is really important about this to you?
–How does this relate to your personal purpose/vision/mission?
–What does your intuition tell you about this?


–What would it look like if things were the way you want them?
–What would you do about this if you could do anything in the world?
–What experiences like this have you had before? What worked?
–What is the worst thing that could happen if you did nothing?
–What are you doing to contribute to this?
–In what ways are you stuck? What would it take to get unstuck?
–What opportunities does this issue present?
–What other resources are available to you?
–What are the potential costs? Benefits?
–What other options can you think of? Would you like to brainstorm ideas?
–What do you want to accomplish most in the next six months?
–What do you want to say “yes” to? “No” to?
–What option feels the most exciting? Most right?


–What specifically are you going to do? When?
–What do you need to start doing, stop doing, or do differently?
–What will it look like? How will it feel when you’ve achieved it?
–What support will you need?
–What will be the hardest part for you (in taking this action)?
–How will you know when you have met your goal? How will you measure success?
–What could derail you or keep you from acting?
–What can you do to keep yourself on track?
–What first steps can you take?
–How can I be of help to you?
–How will you be accountable?
–How will you celebrate once you have completed these actions?