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Write More, Stress Less: Tools for Busy Academics

Date: Friday February 8, 2008

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Rena Seltzer, LMSW, Personal and Professional Coach,

With deadlines that may be non-existent or years in the future, and more immediate work and family demands, writing is easy to put off until “later.” However, regular writing is essential to academic advancement and can be deeply satisfying on a personal level. The purpose of this workshop is to give participants the tools they need to:

  1. Develop long and short term writing and publishing goals that are specific, rather than vague
  2. Find time to write – even when balancing other duties
  3. Make a personal plan for regular, moderate periods of writing
  4. Develop social support for writing
  5. Reframe the process for greater effectiveness and enjoyment

This workshop is open to the entire University community. Ms. Seltzer will also offer a half-hour telephone consultation for individual workshop participants at a later date.

Sponsored by the TRC Professors As Writers and Tomorrow’s Professor Today Programs.

For additional details, and to Register, please click here.

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