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Transforming Passive Listeners into Creative Thinkers

Date: Friday May 3, 2002

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Jim Eison, Founding Director, Center for Teaching Enhancement, University of South Florida

Too many students appear content to scratch the surface of assigned course readings and to memorize minimally for exams. Consequently, we need to teach in ways that stimulate students to delve more deeply into course material. This interactive workshop will explore ways faculty and TAs can (1) help students better understand and appreciate the important differences between surface and deep learning, (2) design activities and assignments requiring critical and creative thinking, and (3) structure class time for in-depth exploration and self-reflection.

Comments from participants in Jim’s creative thinking workshop:

  • A lot of great ideas! Looking forward to utilizing them in class (immediately and next semester). Jim is an engaging teacher who keeps the class moving and interesting. Thanks.
  • Highly informative; low stress; very helpful.
  • The workshop was useful at generating creative thinking.
  • As usual, it got me thinking and re-evaluating what I do. I particularly liked hearing ideas that other teachers use (in addition to Jim’s always terrific ones).
  • Great practical examples; I enjoyed the active learning and thinking creatively. And I will do activities that were suggested.

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