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The Learning Paradigm

Date: Saturday April 10, 2010

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John Tagg, Professor Emeritus of English at Palomar College; Author The Learning Paradigm College

Does the learning environment for undergraduate students promote the kind of learning and development that we aim to achieve? Where it does not, what should we do differently? In this interactive workshop, we will examine the university from the perspective of students as learners. Using the six functional categories from The Learning Paradigm College—goals, activities, information, time, community, and alignment—John Tagg will consider the experience of students in and out of the classroom and try to construct better alternatives. Drawing on research from a variety of fields, he will frame a series of issues about how individual teachers, departments, colleges, and the university as a whole can put learning first. Workshop participants will propose answers to those questions and formulate new ones. Participants should leave the workshop with a set of priorities for change and criteria for next steps.Sponsored by the Teaching Resource Center Tomorrow’s Professor Today Program

John Tagg is an independent writer and consultant and an advocate for organizational change in higher education to better advance student learning. He is professor emeritus of English at Palomar College, where he taught from1982 to 2009. He is co-author, with Robert Barr, of “From Teaching to Learning: A New Paradigm for Higher Education,” which appeared in the November-December 1995 issue of Change magazine. This is “arguably the most widely cited piece that Change ever published,” according to Peter Ewell, former editor of Change. It sparked a nationwide discussion of the meaning and mission of higher education. (Click here to read this ground-breaking article!)

In The Learning Paradigm College (Anker-Jossey-Bass, 2003), John expands on the ideas explored in the 1995 Change article. He describes a research-based approach to redesigning higher education in the service of student learning and provides detailed examples of colleges and universities that exemplify aspects of the Learning Paradigm. According to Russell Edgerton, President Emeritus of the American Association for Higher Education, “this remarkable book takes the national conversation about taking learning seriously to a new level.”

John Tagg

The Learning Paradigm College - John Tagg

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