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The Dreaded Diversity Discussion or “Walking on Eggs Through Mine Fields” (and other Multicultural Teaching and Course Design issues)

Date: Friday April 16, 1999

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Peter Frederick, Professor of History, Wabash College

In this highly interactive and inclusive workshop, participants will experience and explore together practical strategies for involving students actively in courses on multicultural issues. These include the use of powerful and evocative stories, introductory exercises, visuals, quotations, texts, videos, and analytic frameworks and overviews. These approaches are all intended to transform our classrooms and our students’ learning for life and leadership in an increasingly diverse society.

The workshop will also explore the dangers of diversity discussions with diverse students and ways of establishing guidelines for safe classrooms when dealing with highly-charged, emotional issues and concerns. (As far as time permits, we can also address course design questions for multicultural courses.)

Here are sample comments about Peter’s presentation of this workshop at the 1995 and 1998 national Lilly Conferences on Teaching in response to question, “What was best about this session and its content?”:

“The exchange of ideas and emotions. The ideas for classroom use. Peter is a wonderful, open, honest facilitator. Everyone I know could have been beamed in for this.”

“Use of video, handouts and discussion. Thanks for the references–it’s so helpful to have some place to go for more!”

Sponsored by the University Teaching Fellows Program, Women’s Center, and Office of African-American Affairs.

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