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Science Education in the 21st Century: Using the methods of science to teach science

Date: Thursday September 20, 2012

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Carl Wieman, Nobel Laureate (Physics, 2001); Carnegie Foundation’s U.S. University Professor of the Year (2004); White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy Associate Director of Science (2010-2012); Director, Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative at the University of British Columbia and the Colorado Science Education Initiative

Guided by experimental tests of theory and practice, science has advanced rapidly in the past 500 years. Guided primarily by tradition and dogma, science education meanwhile has remained largely medieval. Research on how people learn is now revealing much more effective ways to teach and evaluate learning than what is in use in the traditional science class. The combination of this research with information technology is setting the stage for a new approach to teaching and learning that can provide the relevant and effective science education for all students that is needed for the 21st century. Although the focus of the talk is on undergraduate science teaching, where the data is the most compelling, the underlying principles come from studies of the general development of expertise and likely apply more widely.
Designing Research-Based Instruction (hands-on workshop)

The workshop—intended for participants who attended the Thursday session or who are familiar with the concepts—will start with participants articulating a learning goal for a course that they teach. Then they will go through the exercise of creating classroom activity(s) that will have the students practicing the desired expertise and getting effective feedback. This part of the exercise will include designing the pre-class and in-class activities and planning how they will be run. The workshop will conclude with the design of an assessment activity to measure the degree to which the students attained the learning goal. Suggested readings will be provided in advance.

Sponsored by the Teaching Resource Center and the Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost

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