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Promising Developments for Contemplative Practices on Campus

Date: Friday November 9, 2012

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Mark Thurston, Ph.D., Senior Fellow at George Mason University’s Center for Consciousness and Transformation

Contemporary research findings from contemplative neuroscience, higher education, and positive psychology point to the significant potential of reflection, meditation, and other contemplative practices. How can these findings be applied on a university campus? For example, how can contemplative practices inform the pedagogy and/or the content of academic courses, or the nature of co-curricular campus offerings?

This presentation will survey relevant research studies and describe the work of George Mason University’s Center for Consciousness and Transformation, founded four years ago. Contemplative practices play a central role in that university’s undergraduate minor, and the Center offers an array of contemplative-based co-curricular activities to all students, as well. This session will also offer an opportunity for participants to reflect on and share with others the value of consciousness and transformation as it applies to them, where they live and work.

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