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Planning Effective Feedback and Assessment

Date: Friday November 19, 2004

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Presenter: L. Dee Fink, Director, Instructional Development Program, University of Oklahoma, and author of Creating Significant Learning Experiences (Jossey-Bass, 2003)

Crucial to gauging how effectively your courses promote learning are the assignments that evaluate or assess how well or poorly students are doing. But can these assignments do more than just tell us whether the students “got it” or not?
Dee Fink argues they can accomplish much more when they are part of an integrated course design. In this workshop, he explains the concept of “educative” assessment-that is, ways to provide feedback and design tests, exams or projects that are situated in real-life contexts, that are connected to course goals, and that encourage students to assess their own work. Participants will have the chance to consider these ideas in the context of their own courses.

Participants in similar workshops around the US have offered comments such as these:

  • The session and the handouts were awesome.
  • Dr. Fink brought active learning to life. I had parts of it in my courses, but now I am excited about it.
  • This workshop really added to my understanding of course design.
  • Excellent overall! Well-organized.
  • The diagrams in the handout were simple, yet powerful. I will be able to use most of this approach in my classes.

Dee Fink has provided a handout which he recommends reading prior to the workshops.

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