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On Conferencing and Publishing: A Workshop for Grad Students in Humanities and Social Sciences

Date: Friday April 11, 2008

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Mitch Green, Cavaliers’ Teaching Professor of Philosophy; Chuck Mathewes, Associate Professor of Religious Studies; Angeline Lillard, Professor of Psychology

Mystified by the process of getting your work published in a journal?
Flummoxed by the byzantine array of conferences and their submission requirements?
Nonplussed by the mercurial nature of journal editors?
Terrified by the prospect of having your work rejected with soul-crushing referee reports?

Graduate students in the modern academy must transition from “student mode” to “researcher mode”, even though doing so is rarely mentioned in the requirements for their doctoral program.  Further, advisors often assume that their advisees will have little trouble publicizing their research when in fact the process, norms and pitfalls of doing so are all too often left unstated.

In this Workshop faculty from departments in the Humanities and Social Sciences will draw on their own experience as graduate students and faculty members as they learned to negotiate the publication and conference presentation process.  Topics to be discussed include:

  1. How to get rejected while keeping your self-esteem, with special emphasis on Kubler-Ross’s little known work concerned with the seven stages of dealing with rejection.
  2. How to choose a journal or conference for submission.
  3. The etiquette of corresponding with editors.
  4. Revise & Resubmit:  How to turn Limbo into Heaven.
  5. The status of online versus print publication.
  6. How to make the most use of a conference presentation.
  7. LPU: The Least Publishable Unit.

Door prizes will be awarded to the winner of Who’s Received the Most Scathing Referee Report contest.

Mitch Green has refereed more journal articles than he cares to admit. Chuck Mathewes is Editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Religion. Angeline Lillard is Associate Editor of the British Journal of Psychology and Author of Montessori the Science Behind the Genius, which won the Cognitive Development Society Best Book of 2006 Award.

Sponsored by the TRC Tomorrow’s Professor Today Program.

For additional details, and to Register, please click here.

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