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Improving Student Involvement, Interaction, and Interest in Lecture Courses

Date: Thursday March 17, 2005

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Lisa Reilly, Horace W. Goldsmith NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor of Art and Architectural History, 1999-2002

Students and faculty often find that lectures, especially large ones, can feel impersonal and lack variety. Teachers may wonder how well the students are following the course material, how much they are learning, what they are thinking. Students may wonder how approachable the teacher is or have difficulty formulating questions about the course material. Teachers can involve students more directly in lectures, can help them connect directly with the material, and can teach students with various learning styles effectively by incorporating some easy teaching techniques. Participants in this workshop will experience a variety of engaging teaching methods and consider how they could work in their own courses.

No pre-registration necessary. Refreshments available, as always. Sponsored by the University Teaching Fellows Program.

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