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An Overview of the Speaking Voice

Date: Tuesday October 5, 2004

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Kate Burke, Department of Drama, Past President of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association

Many individuals study the pronunciation of a second language far more carefully than the pronunciation of their native language. This workshop presents practical exercises geared toward a stronger vocal presence in public. Participants will identify and refine specific vowel and consonant sounds, learn useful warm-ups, and repeat resonance (vocal placement) exercises. Not intended as a simple fix for vocal problems, this workshop introduces concepts of vocal awareness and offers techniques for developing that awareness over the long term. Both newcomers and those who have previously participated in the workshop are welcome.

Kate’s voice workshops consistently receive very high, enthusiastic ratings. Comments from past participants include:

  • The very concrete nature of the exercises and the experience of the voice proved very valuable.
  • The specific exercises to improve voice, the extended chance to practice, and a better understanding of the vocal component made this the best TRC workshop I’ve ever attended.
  • The vocal warm-up exercises were excellent, and the explanation of sound production-the places it comes from, how it could be changed-were illuminating.
  • This was an excellent workshop-one of the most enjoyable and practical I have ever taken.

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