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A Grants Primer

Date: Friday January 9, 2009

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Robert Porter, Ph.D., Program Development Manager in the Research Division, Virginia Tech

Writing Successful Grants
This workshop covers the basic principles in good grant writing for researchers in all disciplines, starting with the phrasing of a compelling research theme to the actual construction of the proposal itself. Major differences between acceptable “academic prose” and persuasive grant writing are highlighted. Common pitfalls that can lead to early rejection of good ideas are reviewed and matched with practical strategies for better writing.

Finding Funding
The search for funding can be both time consuming and frustrating. Online databases are becoming increasingly important in helping scholars to quickly identify sponsors for their research. This “hands on” workshop will focus on the use of powerful tools such as Community of Science, the Foundation Center and Search techniques for web sites of federal agencies will also be covered, with plenty of time for participants to practice their skills. Note: This workshop requires a laptop computer with wireless capability.

Proposal Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences
While sponsored research in the science and technology disciplines tends to be project-centered, faculty in the humanities and social sciences often seek support to pursue their scholarship. This session will focus on successful proposals in these disciplines, with an emphasis on effective writing strategies that lead to success. Proposals from the National Endowment for the Humanities and NSF’s Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences will be examined.

Sponsored by the Offices of Corporate & Foundation Relations in Development & Public Affairs, Sponsored Programs, the Vice President for Research, the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement, and the Teaching Resource Center.

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