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When Trauma Impacts Learning

Date: Monday February 16, 2015
Location:Newcomb Hall, South Meeting Room

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Claire Kaplan, Program Director, Gender Violence & Social Change
Hannah Trible, Counseling Intern
-Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center-

Dorothe Bach, Associate Director and Associate Professor
Itiya Aneece, Graduate Student Associate
-Teaching Resource Center-


In light of the recent events on grounds, many faculty and teaching assistants are asking how they can best support students affected by trauma. Question may include: How can I appropriately express my care and concern for my students’ safety? What do the recent policy changes mean for my interactions with students who confide in me? What accommodations can I make so that students in crisis feel supported in their learning? And finally, when tragic news shake up the community, how can I acknowledge or discuss difficult topics with sensitivity?

This workshop opens with an opportunity to learn how trauma affects social and cognitive functioning and academic learning and what recent policy changes mean for us as responsible teachers and caring adults. The majority of our time together will be spend discussing case studies to explore avenues for supporting individual students in crises and for creating spaces in our classrooms where difficult events can be acknowledged and discussed.

This workshops is co-sponsored by the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center and the Teaching Resource Center.

UVA Resource

Sexual Violence Education and Resources [UVA Dean of Students’ website that tells you: (1) What to do after an assault; (2) How to support a survivor; (3) What your reporting options are; (4) How to get involved; (5) and more]

Additional Resources for Responding to Trauma in the Classroom

Grappling With Trigger Warnings And Trauma On Campus [NPR Blog] 

Potentially Perilous Pedagogies: Teaching Trauma Is Not the Same as Trauma-Informed Teaching [research-based article]

Difficult Dialogues [this website from Vanderbilt University’s Center for Teaching offers with basic information and resources for college instructors] 

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