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Judith Reagan

Senior Associate Director and Associate Professor in Drama (1994-2015)

The following represents Judith’s bio when she retired from the CTE in 2015.

Judith Reagan

Photo by: Christian Hommel Photography

Jude joined the Center for Teaching Excellence as Associate Director in the fall of 1994. She resonates with the opportunity and challenge of working with UVa faculty and graduate students from all schools and departments in a variety of settings: one-on-one consultations, workshops, and programs that run through the academic year. Jude is the TRC liaison to the Teaching + Technology Support Partners program and oversees the Graduate Teaching Awards. One strong recent interest is facilitating activities of Fellows in the University Academy of Teaching. Another focus of her work has been to consolidate all University resources related to speaking development. And as an outgrowth of the Speak Your Mind web site Jude has been working with faculty interested in expanding the number and variety of oral skills development courses available to UVa students.

Jude’s research and pedagogical interests align. Her applied research is on transplanting effective oral communication techniques developed for and utilized by actors to other populations and professions. She uses and refines those ideas and approaches in her Oral Interpretation course, usually filled with fourth-year, non-Drama major students. She regularly offers workshops on developing vocal and physical flexibility and stamina useful in lecturing, giving conference presentations, and other aspects of academic speaking to many groups within the UVa community. She has coached oral presentation skills with faculty at Cornell, Georgetown, and Tulane as well as with professional groups such as the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership and the Virginia Municipal League.

Looking through a geographic lens…Jude was born in Newark, NJ and raised in Cleveland, where she double majored in Drama and English at Notre Dame College of Ohio. In a continental shift, she enjoyed two years with the Peace Corps in the Philippines, working with K-3 teachers on methods of teaching reading in a second language, and with adults learning to speak and write English. Next came an M.A. in Drama from Catholic University in Washington, D.C., following which Jude spent ten years in Manhattan working as an actress. Several theatre jobs offered the opportunity to teach in conjunction with performing, providing a logical, if not predictable, transition to the Teaching Resource Center. TRC work has introduced her to colleagues as close as Richmond and as far as South Africa.  Interest in excellent teaching seems universal!