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Dorothe Bach

Photo by: Christian Hommel Photography

Photo by: Christian Hommel Photography

Associate Director and Associate Professor

Born and raised in Germany, Dorothe Bach received a M.A. in German Literature and Physical Education from the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg. She joined the Center for Teaching Excellence staff full time in 2002. Dorothe designs, direct, and co-facilitates a variety of educational development programs, including the Ignite Program, the Student-Faculty Partnership Initiative, and the Course Design Institute. In addition, she consults with faculty, graduate students, and departments on teaching and learning and she regularly presents workshops locally, nationally and internationally. Her research interests include early and mid-career faculty retention and career satisfaction, course design, learning portfolios, contemplative pedagogy, using social media for learning, transformational learning, and service learning. With colleagues Micchael Palmer and Adriana Streifer, she won the 2014 POD Network Innovation award for work on a valid & reliable syllabus rubric.

Dorothe currently teaches two undergraduate course, Spiritual Journeys in Young Adult Fiction and Mindfulness and Prosociality and a graduate seminar Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Dorothe’s Complete CV

Recent Refereed Articles:

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 Recent Conference Presentations:

  • Student-Faculty Partnerships for Learning: Co-creating the Future of Higher Education” (with S. Doktor, A. Deatherage, K. Wadzinski, J. Jones, and B. McAvoy) Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy, Virginia Tec, 2016
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  • Creating Classroom Community with Reflective Blogs (with J. Alexander), Lilly Conference, Washington, DC, 2012
  • Connecting Teaching and Research: Insights from Germany (with S. Lahm), POD, Atlanta, GA, 2011
  • East Meets West: Ancient Wisdom, New Science, Engaged Faculty (pre-conference workshop, with S. Robison), POD, Atlanta, GA, 2011
  • Using Scholarly Online Communities to Engage Students, Improving University Teaching Conference, Bielefeld, Germany, 2011.
  • The Case for Excellence in Diversity: Lessons from an Assessment of an Early Career Faculty Program, Keeping out Faculties of Color Symposium, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 2010.