Double-Entry Narrative Log, for a Portion of a Class (example)

Reflections                           Observations

Organized start                      Instr. arrived a few minutes early, put some notes

Instr calm, centered,               (equations and graphs) on board, greeted students
ready to begin                         (though not by name)                                                    9:55

(“Ways to Learn Sts’ Names”)

(“Background Knowledge     “How many of you have had experience with differential
Probe”)                                   equations?” (HALF RAISED THEIR HANDS)                 10:02

Comment on good board       Writing on board large, clear, legible
technique                                Never erases too quickly

Note good structure               Refers to previous class then intros new topic              10:07
Sts appear to be following,
taking notes, not confused

Mentions, highlights, transitions
to sub-points and new

Inquire about attendance       Several Sts walk in 10 mins. late                                   10:10
policy, expectations

Does attend. relate to             Two came 30 mins. late                                               10:30

(“Pop Quizzes Sts Like,” etc.)
Syllabus statements, discussion of?

Ways to generate questions   About halfway thru the class, “Any questions?” (NONE)

Rationale for                           Concerning (XYZ topic) just covered in lecture

Comment on energy,              Instr. was audible, visible, energized thru entire class
presentation style

Ends well                                Reminders to Sts re readings, homework, quiz dates

Previews next lecture topic, relates it to today’s                                                          10:47